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    4. ABOUT US

      Our continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology and application, follow a number of innovative products have been research and development project, the world's first Waken? "degradable stent anastomosis" and a new generation of facial rejuvenation medical beauty products Change? “medical plastic collagen filling agent”have entered the clinical trial stage. In the skin care field, using proprietary technology, it "black skin water Should? “technology on new uses of the 3D collagen active collagen skin spray”!

      Company profile

      Hangzhou Sunstone Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou biological medicine national economic and Technological Development Zone core area, is a national high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the first dedicated to absorbable medical supplies research and development, Department of Ministry of national science and technology support program "degradable stent anastomosis" project undertaker, Zhejiang clinical medicine research center of abdominal viscera minimally invasive treatment for collaborative enterprises.

      The Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly developed the first domestic, so far only minimally invasive surgery from essential supplies Sufeng®Absorbable hemostat ligation clip, has been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of medical device product registration certificate, the CE product quality certificate and national product patent certificate. Since 2012, the products have entered hundreds of large comprehensive hospitals in China, and have benefited from hundreds of thousands of patients. In the scope of its application, it has completely replaced the non absorption of the similar products such as metal and plastic. It can be degraded on time after the operation, and there is no effect in the body. With its excellent quality, it is confirmed by the medical staff in the safety and effectiveness of clinical use.

      In the skin care field, using proprietary technology, Should3D active collagen spray has new use of collagen for skin care.In addition, the world's first Waken?"biodegradable intestinal anastomosis stent and a new generation of facial rejuvenation medical beauty products and it is the original" medical plastic collagen filling agent "had entered into clinical trials, following a number of innovative products have been research and development project.

      Corporate image

      Corporate culture

      Enterprise Policy

      Technology to create excellent quality
      Innovation leads the medical market

      Corporate Ideas

      Users are the source of this quality
      People's benefit is the first law-abiding rule

      Company Goals

      Development becomes the most competitive
      Absorption of medical consumables manufacturing enterprises

      Quality Policy

      All members are involved in making first-class quality
      Scientific and technological innovation meets the requirements of customers

      Certificate of honor

      • 0571-82862112 82862552
      • Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone
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