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    4. Sufeng®Absorbable hemostat ligation clip

      The only necessary consumables for minimally invasive surgery at home and so far


      Sufeng®’s internal sandwich material adopts the medical polymer "poly - two oxanone" (PDO),
      which is consistent with the material of the V type imported single layer absorbable clamp.

      Soft hydrophilicity

      The inner layer of the raw material is preferable to two oxygen cyclohexanone.
      The material is hydrophilic and soft.

      Dual color design concept

      The inner layer is dyed with a medical dye, which is consistent with the color of the imported single V type absorbable clamp, and improves its visibility.

      The inner and outer parts

      The inner and outer layers holder for double color design, quite distinct from each other.
      The actual use of the inner and outer sandwich clips to clamp the tube cavity is clear and avoid error judgment.

      Packaging design

      Single aseptic packaging, using flexible economy, fully conforms to the requirements of the national aseptic products,
      and reduces the rate of infection in the hospital.

      More convenient

      In the actual operation, the ligation of the closed cavities often occurs in a singular number. Single aseptic packaging,In the use of more economic and reasonable, reduce the unnecessary medical expenses of the patient.

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